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Would you build a house with no foundation? or a kitchen without a sink? Sounds silly - however people design and build non-optimized websites every day. We have been designing and building websites for almost 20 yrs and guess what? after each site launch, eventually the client asks to have it marketed.  It is a lot easier to build the architecture, menu systems, url structure and content all around the keywords you want to market and hope to rank for.

Building a new website is a perfect opportunity to build it properly for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  If your going to go through the efforts of building a website, go a bit further and engineer the structure, navigation, content and page layouts around the keywords that help market or promote your product and service.

We have been designing and developing websites since 1997 along with creating dynamic SEO campaigns. Now merging the two together make the most effective solution possible.  

When your site launches it will have a jump start and be search engine friendly. Everything we do is completely "white hat" - no tricks, or gimmicks. We build your site with the proper specs that Google and other search engines like, which produces a great foundation to build a strong SEO campaign around.



by Wayne Cichanski

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