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Social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIN, etc  The list goes on and on.  Most everyone uses some form of social media in their daily lives, but how does it apply to a your business? Matter of fact most business's say that their product or service will never sell on Facebook or Twitter so why would they want to be on there.  Well here is one solid answer ... because Google wants you to.  We understand that you may or may not sell something through a social media channel - however if everyone on social media is talking about it (you or your product) then it must be popular enough that requires you to show up higher in the Google search results.

social media marketing


Social Media Marketing:

1. Brand awareness - social media can be great for brand awareness and company recognition

2. SEO benefits - as your products, services or company goes viral - the popularity increases your Search Engine Marketing

3. Damage control - we all have had to manage bad PR, now social media allows you to head that off almost in real time

4. Viral reach - the ability to have a comment, story or sale reach thousands upon thousands of people within hours

5. If your not ... your competitor is!

Social media marketing with an SEO emphasis is more than just writing a comment on your wall, or tweeting a few words. It's strategic words, anchor text, keyword phrases and more.  As a Blitz member - we will help manage and optimize all of your social media channels.


  • SEO optimized posts and tweets
  • Social media content creation
  • Digital strategies that incorporate social media marketing




by Wayne Cichanski

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