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SEO Humor

What's work if you can't have a little fun - right?  Well we hope you enjoy some of this humor as we do :-)

 by Adam Herrmann

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Targeting The Competitors Name With Keyword insertion?


Looks like you can now get Domino's pizza at Pizza Hut? LOL. Make sure you don't miss an error like having your competitors name in your ad and be an online EPIC FAIL!


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Why Not Use Negative Keywords?


Pay Per Click Advertising at it's best! 


Lets sell some hot tubs.

Broad Keyword: +hot +tub 
Search Query: Hot tub truck 
Search Query: hot tub time machine 
Search Query: hot tub sex risks
Comment: I think a business would be very successful if it sold these:



SEO Joke & Humor of the day?




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 SEO Humor and Joke of the day!




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