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Digital Blitz SEO can help analyze and determine the appropriate keywords to your campaign. Selecting the correct keywords is (or should be) based off of data science as it relates to your business.  Even though Google does not utilize the keywords you place in the meta information - it does recognize the content your site is built around and defines keywords and relationships to a users search accordingly.   

After we have analyzed your keywords then we look at your competitions keywords, which ones have the best search volume that you are trying to target - then we can put together an SEO campaign around the keywords you want to target or market. Now an effective SEO campaign is more than just some keyword selections and changing some meta information.  It has a lot to do with off page optimization and authoritative value, and lets not forget the king of the campaign is CONTENT.

Digital Blitz SEO delivers the vision, the strategy and the content that you need. 


Here is How Our Keyword SEO Works



seo assesmentAssessment and SEO Analysis

Our team of experts will learn your business, your brands, your products or services and even your competition. Through this, we will devise a custom search strategy for your business, gain a solid understanding of your current SEO strength, recent improvements and/or losses in rankings.



Competitor AnalysisCompetitor Analysis

Our search analysts will analyze your key competitor's search strategy, their keyword rankings, their digital footprint, campaigns, back links etc. and come up with a detailed SEO strategy that will help you outsell your competition. This allows an insight to what and how they are trending on the Internet.



keyword selection and analysisKeyword Strategy & Recommendations 

Our analysis will filter through your content and see what keywords your ranking for, what Google sees your content is derived around, your competitions keywords (based on competitor analysis) and put this all together. We will then make our recommendations for keyword targeting and related keyword strings. This will help drive the content development that will be critical in the upcoming stages.



website audit data scienceWebsite Audit  

Our team will pick apart and analyze your website geared around SEO specific aspects like page load time, canonical pages, image and content optimization which influence your rankings. Our experts will provide a plan of action with detailed solutions on how to fix any issues your site has that are keeping it from doing better in the search results. We also review and analyze website traffic, analytics, goals and conversions.  It is essential that your website convert the traffic it receives prior to pushing more traffic to it.



On Page OptimizationOn-Page Optimization  

Digital Blitz SEO will then perform on-page optimization for your website after assessing the technical audit results over time. Our experts would optimize the architecture, meta tags and descriptions for the pages, sitemaps, cross platform content etc. resulting into search success. This is an ongoing effort we would continue with each new content piece we developed as well.



content developmentContent Development   

Unlike other SEO firms - we design, develop and create new content for your website each and every month.  As we have mentioned before - Digital Blitz SEO is a white hat provider, which means we do not manipulate Google or automate article spinning, etc.  We deliver what Google and users want! and that is good quality content.   Developing a content marketing schedule, trending topics and video marketing is arguably the most important part of any SEO or digital strategy.



social mediaSocial Media and Article Syndication    

Now that your content is created - it is time to market, promote and syndicate it across the Net.  Social has a larger role than ever before as it tips its hat into what is trending or what people are talking about.  Syndicating your content across the appropriate authoritative relevant channels can be the most important and successful part of the entire equation. This provides expert opinions, advice and content in your field of expertise.



website promotion or off page optimzationOff-Page Optimization     

Creating buzz, a digital trail, promoting your website, the content and your products and services is the final piece of this puzzle.  Our team will work on promoting your targeted keywords along with creating a strategic link building campaign. This is all about creating momentum. As you gain momentum you will find everything will get a bit easier and traffic will increase to your website.



website monitoringMonitor and Adjust      

This is a moving target - if anyone says differently they are lying to you.  Our program includes constant monitoring and adjustments being made to not only your campaigns but also your website.  You need to make changes and adjustments to your website based on the metrics, analytics and data science. This constant change allows you to evolve and answer your users demand as the market shifts.




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by Wayne Cichanski

Minnesota statsMN Event Center Case Study

Out with the Old in with the New

After reviewing the success of the catering website, Courtyards of Andover Event Center wanted the same. What a success it was! The new website produced over $200k in new potential revenue within the FIRST MONTH of launch.

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