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Arguably one of the most critical analysis that gets completed. You no longer have to guess or wonder what your top competitors are doing on the Internet, now you will know. This is a comprehensive report and analysis that shows what your online competitors are ranking for organically. With this business intelligence you can predict what levels of traffic they are getting, what products are moving or selling for them, what they are looking to promote and more.

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Some critical measures:

  • Top keywords ranked organically
  • Track and measure against multiple competitors
  • Forecast trends, traffic, top selling products
  • Track your progress against theirs
  • Check their backlink profile compared to yours
  • Gain intel on marketing and promotion efforts
  • And much more!




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by Wayne Cichanski

Minnesota statsMN Event Center Case Study

Out with the Old in with the New

After reviewing the success of the catering website, Courtyards of Andover Event Center wanted the same. What a success it was! The new website produced over $200k in new potential revenue within the FIRST MONTH of launch.

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