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Last year Google alone had updated or changed its algorithms over 500 times in the year. That is more than once every day!  Gaining a top ranking position requires a lot more than some tricks or quick schemes. We do not claim to try to "Out Smart" Google - everything we do is considered white hat.  Google and other search engines want to reward websites that have strong relative content that has an authoritative value as it pertains to the users search. Our job is to provide such service.

We have put together comprehensive digital strategies that involve on page optimization strategies (making changes to your website), off page optimization (promoting and increasing authoritative levels), social media optimization, back linking the proper way through related channels (no automation) and finally content development.  We have content writers as part of our team that will write SEO optimized content for blogs, reviews, articles and social content.

We have different levels and different services that can assist you with your needs.  For example, maybe your a small business with just a local focus - then our local package would be the best fit for you vs. a national ecommerce site that needs full ecommerce seo



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by Wayne Cichanski

Minnesota statsMN Event Center Case Study

Out with the Old in with the New

After reviewing the success of the catering website, Courtyards of Andover Event Center wanted the same. What a success it was! The new website produced over $200k in new potential revenue within the FIRST MONTH of launch.

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