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Digital Blitz Voted Best SEO Agency

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We were pleased to be informed that for April 2014, Digital Blitz SEO was voted one of the top 10 Best SEO Agencies. Digital Blitz came in voted number 9 - however the best part is that it wasn't for Rochester, MN that it was really for Rochester, NY.  That's right they got our location mixed up and we competed against other top New York agencies.  So given the shear size of the Rochester, NY market - we will gladly take that ranking.



SEO Evaluation Criteria

"We evaluate and rank the best enterprise search engine optimization companies. We provide our recommendations through the use of in-depth vendor analysis, reviews of work completed, and client evaluations. We understand the importance of finding the best enterprise SEO company with the ability to achieve consistent results in a constantly evolving industry. Our rankings are focused on identifying the companies that are committed to achieving long-term results for their clients.

Our analysis of enterprise search engine optimization companies is based on the use of a set of evaluation criteria for the purpose of benchmarking and comparing the top performers. The set of evaluation criteria is comprised of five areas of evaluation found to be most essential to produce effective Search marketing campaigns. These five areas of evaluation include on page optimization, off page optimization, needs analysis, keyword analysis, and reporting methods.

The first is needs analysis. We evaluate the ability of a vendor to identify the unique needs of their clients. What processes are in place to gain an understanding of the client's business? How is that information used to identify the SEO needs of the client?

The second is keyword analysis. We focus on the methods used to create an effective keyword list. Our research team looks into how a vendor selects which keywords to target, the overall competitiveness of the keywords, and how the keywords are being used throughout the campaign.

The third is on page optimization which focuses on various strategies which optimize the actual website in order to achieve favorable results for target searches in major search engines. The research team looks into the depth of knowledge of the vendor in regards to how search engines rank websites and the role in which keyword density plays in achieving a favorable position.

The fourth is off page optimization. This refers to the strategies and processes of the search marketing vendor in producing off-site work to influence the ranking of the page in results through activities including, but not limited to, link building, advertising, and online press release distribution.

The final area focuses on the reporting methods of the vendor. We analyze their reporting methods to better understand how the vendors report the success of their campaigns to their clients. It is essential for the vendor to produce reports that properly indicate the success of a campaign as well as offer suggestions of where to go next.

We continue to evaluate and rank enterprise SEO companies to account for the latest developments and advancements of the leaders in search engine optimization. The recommended agencies that have undergone our meticulous evaluation, in our opinion, are best fit to service enterprise search engine optimization needs."





Evaluation Process 


Research Introduction

A proprietary evaluation process in order to craft the rankings of the best online marketing agencies each month. Enterprises turn to when searching for a reputable online marketing agency due to our history of analysis within the online marketing industry. The research process has been developed since 2002 with the main objective of identifying which online marketing agencies are most capable of producing consistently successful online marketing campaigns.

Our Testing Philosophy

We believe in identifying the absolute best in the online marketing industry. Our philosophy involves a multiple-step process involving an internal analysis of each vendor based on our proprietary evaluation criteria, connecting with references of online marketing agencies, and analyzing the latest developments and changes within the industry as a whole. By the end of the process, our research team crafts a strong picture of which agencies are dedicated to producing innovative strategies and solutions with the needs of enterprises in mind.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria differs based on the type of specialization being offered by the agency in which they are being evaluated. This consists of five areas of evaluation which have been identified by the research team as the most crucial factors influencing the overall success of a campaign. Online marketing agencies and software vendors are being gauged based on benchmarking in each of the five areas derived from the research performed each month and on a continuous basis as new information is uncovered and provided to the research team.

Client References

In order to best understand how well an online marketing agency produces their work we connect with clients of online marketing agencies in order to obtain their unique experiences and feedback. Clients are asked questions about their campaign related to the results achieved through the duration of the campaign, their communications with the vendor, and their opinion on the results. We generally work with Fortune 500 companies and large scale enterprises around the world to understand how the agencies they have worked with have been influenced by their guidance and expertise.

Industry Analysis

In order to remain abreast of the latest developments within the industry our analysts work to uncover new information and research topics within online marketing. Our analysts remain close to their respective specializations to understand how Search algorithms and changes in social media affect the outcome of popular strategies and approaches. Additionally our team remains dedicated to appearing at and being active within various conferences and industry events.

by Adam Herrmann

Expert in Google Pay Per Click and Ads. Adam has been working with clients and paid search since 2008. 

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