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PPC & Adwords Tips

Knowing about Google Adwords is one thing, however running one of the top performing adwords or PPC campaigns in the country is another.  Here are some great tips from our PPC expert that has spent some time at Google and finished in the top 20 of the best adword managers in the country.

 by Adam Herrmann

A quick video overview of our trip to the Google Engage All-Star Summit in 2012.


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Quality vs. Quantity of Impression on a Pay Per Click Campaign 



I'm just going to hit on small piece of a pay per click campaign today. The first being Impressions which consist of the number of times your ad has been seen in searches on sites like GOOGLE.  The second being Click through Rate (CTR) which is an equation that takes the count of clicks on your ad divided by the impressions or times seen.



Immediate traffic for a start up Business.

Google Adwords Manager

PPC Basics:

Let's start with the basics and define Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). This form of advertising is where an advertiser pays a highly visited website like Google to post their ads. The advertiser only pays when their ad gets clicked by a potential client searching the site for a keyword that has been designated and targeted by an advertiser. A keyword is the targeted work identified by the advertiser to direct a client to their site.  Let's say you own a flower shop in Minneapolis.  A keyword selected may be something similar to "Flower sales Minneapolis". The pricing is usually on a bid basis competing against others in your market.



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