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google adwordsNo matter what your company budget, you can display your ads on Google. You only pay if people click your ads so there is virtually no risk to try AdWords! With AdWords you are able to reach 70% or search engine users on the web. When someone searches a keyword you are advertising and clicks on your ad, they will land on your website where they can learn more about your business or make a purchase if you have an eCommerce site.

Google AdWords is a great avenue for a new website and businesses while work working on their website’s SEO that takes time to gain traction. You can invest into an AdWords campaign and start getting impressions, traffic, and clicks immediately. You can also use AdWords to test keywords that you may use for SEO to determine if you are reaching the correct audience. 

For best results the team at Digital Bliz SEO recommends using a healthy balance of digital marketing consisting of organic (SEO), AdWords (PPC), and social media.


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