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Successful Case Studies

Take an in-depth look at some of our work within our case study files. We will showcase digital strategies that may include SEO, PPC and/or web development.  Our goal is to not sell you, but rather showcase our work and let it speak for itself.  If you find it successful or triggered a thought or idea - please email us at or contact the Digital Blitz Team.

by Wayne Cichanski

Gaining "ink" as the old days called it - was and still is always a challenge in itself.  The old rule of thumb that editorial coverage pays dividends over advertisements still carries over into the digital world as well.  

American Express's Open Forum has been good to Digital Blitz.  They have featured our articles several times and now we once again got a plug in a recent featured article they are running on their site.  We are excited to and privileged to be an advisor for their forum.



We have heard that if your SEO company can not rank themselves, how are they going to rank you?


So with that being said - Digital Blitz SEO set out a few months back to come out of the woodworks and own the search results for our local and state markets, along with some national results. 


online marketingWe all love success stories and this is one of them.  UDE Catering is a client of Digital Blitz SEO and prior to our involvement their website was not converting traffic and they were not receiving any catering requests.  

Since our website redeisgn, online marketing and SEO efforts with a combination of Google Adwords - we have been able to turn their online traffic around.



UDE CateringUDE Catering is a full service catering company out of Andover, MN (just north of Minneapolis).  Digital Blitz SEO was contracted to assist in their digital marketing campaigns.   UDE provides great tasting food, affordable prices and exceptional services.  We were challenged with a difficult task which was that if we could not find success with any aspect of the strategy within the next two months - the business may be in jeopardy.



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