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Website marketing, promotion, development and management! From start to finish - we will develop a Google friendly website, market it, promote it and manage it. The best part is we do this each and every month, with a goal of climbing to the top of Google.

What You Can Do
(SEO for Dummies)

SEO basics and tips for those looking to try and administer their own search engine marketing and digital strategies. Rest assure our team will be here if you need help or want us to initiate and execute a new campaign.

What We Have Already Done

We are proud of our efforts, our clients and the delivered results.  See first hand stats, rankings, campaigns and development from our team. Plus you can read what our customers have to say about Digital Blitz SEO.

We are more than just an SEO company! Digital Blitz helps businesses with their entire digital marketing strategy.
Our satisfaction is aiding your company in growth, revenue and marketshare.



Market & Promote Your Website

Digital Marketing is more complex than ever these days. Having a solid digital strategy is mission critical to any business. Your website needs to be trending, sharing and being talked about. This is a critical measurement to a successful digital marketing campaign.



Manage Your Website

Many businesses do not have the man power, knowledge or even the time to manage and keep their website updated.  This is common and rather than overlooked - it should be recognized and addressed.  Our team at Digital Blitz SEO will manage your website on a daily or weekly basis. Keeping you focused on what you do best.


Going from a Zero to a Hero

How does one go about building a catering business in Minnesota? What role does the website have? How can SEO or a top Google placement help? Well the answers are in the data!

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Advanced Digital Strategies

Digital Blitz SEO is a digital strategy company located in Minnesota (MN). Digital Blitz SEO focuses on search engine marketing (Google Placement), content marketing & development, website conversions, social media marketing, pay per click advertising and SEO architected website development. We integrate, modify or make any necessary changes to your website in order to better the website conversions - all based off of data science and analytics.

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SEO Strategies

We synchronize and connect all pieces of the digital puzzle together. We are truly focused on conversions and increasing traffic to your website.

Many companies offer SEO services, however few will build content files, video marketing and full web integrations. Beyond that we also will monitor and make any necessary modifications to a clients web presence based on the analytics and data science. This differentiating factor allows for us to offer the complete showcase of digital marketing products (SEO, PPC, Shopping Sites, Web Services, Email Marketing).

We don't try to beat Google.  There are no gimmicks in obtaining top search engine rankings within Google, just hard work and a solid understanding of delivering the proper user experience.

by Wayne Cichanski


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